• Melissa Hills

Communication = Vulnerability

Written by David McNeil

Being human is messy. We’re all trying to fulfil our own needs with as little time as possible from the moment we know what we want, until the moment we feel we’ve received it. The hard part is that, almost all of the time, we have to get help from others. That demands communication. Having to communicate is messy and frustrating. We have to exchange information without it getting warped, lost, or exaggerated. Then, if that part is successful, we have to convince the other person or persons to make an exchange with us. Whether that is money for a service or product, or their acceptance of a deal, it doesn’t matter. To get what we want, we are at the mercy of the persons we’re communicating with saying “yes”.

This is vulnerability. It doesn’t feel good. We have a culture that says having vulnerability is a bad thing. But we do it every day, and we need it if we want to successfully take care of our needs. Let’s face it - we need vulnerability to survive as people. I have a question: why don’t we take it further? Why don’t we want to communicate about our feelings? Why do we stop our vulnerability in communicating our needs?

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